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Functional and technical problem solving of critical business mission. Online Service-Delivery of professional specialized in innovative technologies, experienced in business solutions architecture and knowledgeable in critical issues.

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SAP Hybris Architect

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Tableau Expert Developer

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SuccessFactors Employee Central Specialist

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Expert Consultant in Inventory Manager

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SAP Cloud Platform Architect

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Expert Developer in SAP UI5

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Expert Developer in Hybris PCM

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Tableau Server Specialist

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Frequently asked questions

What is “Critical issues”?
“Critical issues” is a talent unit specialized in serving business critical missions. It gathers professionals with know-how in innovative technologies and high level, focused on the latest trends, that is why they are scarce worldwide.
How does “Critical issues” work?
Simply, enter the service page and select the technology you need to solve your problem. After completing the contact form, we will be in touch in the next 24 hours and provide the quotation of the number of hours required and the selected method. Next step the payment is made and the work started.
Which services can I hire?
Through “Critical issues” you can hire experts in UX (SAP UI5, SAP Fiori), architecture (SAP Cloud Platform, Hybris), integrations (SAP Cloud Platform, HANA, SuccessFactors), mobility (Inventory Manager, Work Order, AP CRM Service Manager, SAP SMART Rounds) y reporting (Tableau).
Which are “Critical issues” terms and conditions?
To operate here it is necessary to accept our terms and conditions. You can find them here.
How can I start working with you?
We are open to receive more experts. If you want to be part of our team of specialists contact us through here.
I have a problem with another technology. Can I solve it?
We count with wide expertise in business solutions, so you can comment your specific issue and we will get in touch quickly to solve it. Please send us your question through here.