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Agile pods


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Our Agile Pod Delivery Model

reduces usable delivery time and potentially releasable product increments with real value.

Each Pod integrates fully with the methodologies of our clientssponsors and stakeholders to gain a full understanding of what they need to ensure the success and the best possible output.

Our Proven Pod

has defined continuous successful software product deliveries & launches for our global clients

Our Agile Pods

They are strategically comprised of self-organizing, collaborative and autonomous team members that focus on driving excellencegrowth and reducing risks.

Our Pods

are assembled bthe specific skill set required for each project. This enables team members to adapt and align themselves t0 their colleagues’ strengths and establish efficient decision-making processes early on.

Our model focuses on:


Each Pod’s maturity is defined jointly with the client, mostly based on the following dimensions:  

Speed >
 The Pod’s productivity: the amount of executable work produced in a defined period 

Quality > The degree of excellence of the Pod’s output.
Product Impact > The impact the Pod’s output has on our clients’ business goals.  


Our Pods gain a full understanding of our clients’ business ecosystem using:   


Client-preferred and flexible communications tools and/or software. 

Our built-in culture of continuous & clear communications. It’s in our DNA



Our people, processes and infrastructure guarantee confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.   


> BYOD & Mobile Devices 


> VDI & Data Loss Prevention


> Credential Procceses  


> Backup & Recovery


> NetSec & FireWalls 
> VLAN Work Environment Segregation


> Certifications 

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