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About This Project

Client’s Challenges.

A global tire manufacturing company needed to automate the process of reporting its digital credit invoices and tax digital reports to the Argentinean Fiscal Authority (AFIP) for its offices in Argentina. They required integration between SAP ERP and AFIP’s online services.




  1. Standardization and ERP integration.
  2. Real-time data processing.
  3. Business process automation.

Our Solution.

We automated the connection between its SAP ERP and AFIP’s online services by creating a financial monitor that allows key users to accept and/or reject electronic credit invoiced and automatically calculate sums






Cost savings. Thanks to the elimination of manual data entry and withholding calculation.0%

Time saved. A process that took five days, now is completed in just 8 hours.0%

Traceability. Key users now have full visibility of all SAP/AFIP documentation.0%








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