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About This Project

Client’s Challenges.

The #1 largest producer of tequila in the world needed a deeper knowledge of its agave plantations to ensure the best quality crops. Since the crop control process was carried out manually, the company did not have a complete view of its agave plantations or exact harvest forecasts.  




  1. Streamline plant counting tasks. 
  2. Reduce plant counting errors. 
  3. Obtain accurate and digitalized information. 
  4. Take quick action in case of irrigation or pest problems. 

Inclusion’s Solution.

We developed an application that allows monitoring large plots of land planted with agave. From image recognition, it detects the age of the plants and its humidity level, and obtains historical information about the evolution of the crops. 


Key features:


  1. Multi-device information access. 
  2. Automatic yield prediction by plot. 
  3. Rapid weed and pest detection. 




Cost savings on irrigation and pesticides.0%

More frequent and accurate controls.0%

Digitalized information, connected to SAP ERP.0%







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