Robotic Process Automation

Powering Robotic
Process Automation.

We help companies implement and scale Robotic Process Automation software to achieve the best process efficiency in the shortest time possible.

RPA Vision & Strategy

We build and identify processes that demand automation. As we streamline your productivity, we roll out a roadmap for automation.

Device Frame

RPA Proof of Concept 

We provide and justify a small-scaled Proof of Concept (PoC) to show the process transformation, with ROI, and an enterprise-wide automation adoption

RPA Implementation

Our experts deploy solutions and establish governance, while creating an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) to scale your project.

RPA Support

Our support team manages, monitors, and optimizes your project and infrastructure.

Key advantages of an RPA integration.

Saves time & effort

RPA allows for reduced manpower and time, as well as increased accuracy.

Employee experience

Reduces employee turnover by 50% when focused on automating value-added tasks.

Offers better compliance

Once a process is established as an automated workflow, it is always executed in the same way, without errors.

Improves analytics

By having access to accurate and error-free data from a variety of sources, the quality of analysis is much better.

Our Custom Bots.

RPA Finance
& Accounting

We built a bot that monitors currency exchange in real-time and automatically clears open items. 

SAP Bots.

Offer creation ECC

Offer Creation, using transaction VA21.

Contract Creation

Automated contract creation by ME31K transaction.

Release Supplier

Supplier documents release by F-44 transaction.

Contract Creation

Automated contract creation by VA41 transaction.

Income Invoices ECC

Automated Income Invoices creation by MIRO Transaction.

PO Receipt of Materials

Automated material’s Purchase Order receipts creation.

Sending Exit Payment

Automated Exit Payments sending by F-53 transactions

Purchase Order Listings

Automated Purchase Order list Creation.

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